Works in Progress

The following stories and lore pieces fit the genre of Fantasy and sometimes just historical fiction. Even if the stories do not seem like they fit together, they will all find their way to intertwine eventually.

Short stories– Stories include past life experiences of the main character of Inolla and tie into the main series of the Inolla Chronicles.

Lore– Every fantasy story needs lore. The lore and background of Inolla is no exception. These sections, in the form of stories, will be short but explain certain aspects of lore that need to be known to truly understand everything in the Shiconian Univierse.

A Brother’s Lament– A new version of the gospel stories surrounding Jesus’ death. It is told by Judas and has a twist that only the lost gospels can attune to. It is a small anthology of short stories. Warning: These are meant to be a retelling in a version where the idea of Resurrection and such are only myth. The only magic comes in the form of prophecies. It is not meant to go against any one’s belief. It is meant only to bring a different look into what could have happened.

The Royal Vizier Diaries– This is an adult novella series in the point of view of a royal vizier named Jafar. The series is based loosely off the 1001 Arabian Nights and includes a gay love story as well as straight love. Warning: At points during this series there are subjects such as rape, torture, and gruesome death. There will be warnings at the top of these chapters so that those who are adverse to them can skip to the next chapter.

The Inolla Chronicles– This series begins in the 90s with a girl named Maria. When she turns 16, she finds out she is the heiress to a long line of warriors. Her bloodline fights to save the many worlds of her universe.