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A Week for Creativity

I used to be a Catholic and in the end it was not for me. However, I am not against Catholics or Christians. Even though I am Pagan I still believe that Jesus existed and more so believe he was a prophet like the Quran suggests. This is why I identify more as an ecclectic. Thanks to this, and other lost gospels that I have heard of over the years I have compiled an idea that I am writing through a collection of short stories.

Each one of these stories has to do with the famous gospel stories. However, they are told from the eyes of Judas who, in this point of view, was actually Jesus’ elder brother through Joseph. Half anyway. There is no magical virgin birth and no Resurrection in this story. The only magic has to do with prophecies and how Judas attempts to change fate in order to bring hope to their people.

This group of compiled stories create The Brother’s Lament.