Finally Back!

OK, a lot of stuff happened in the past few months. I took two creative writing classes, bet I had nothing really to share! The good news is that I finally figured out what the format of my first book is going to be! From now on I will try my best to post regularly again.

I will be trying to post character bios, facts about the characters, and maybe a short story once in a while if the inspiration hits.


Life as been a roller coaster, but I’m working through it. I’m finally starting to figure out just what I’m gonna do with my degree and applying to full time jobs when I find them. I even got my permit now, so I will be able to expand my job opportunities soon.

I am also beginning to look up what literary magazines want from first time writers. That way, I can attempt to create short stories from those instructions. I have difficulty at times, but I think that if I try to go by prompts, it will help a lot more with making content.

Mental Health

Back from Hiatus

Writer’s block and severe stress has taken over my life for the past few months. It all started when someone I thought was a good friend decided to treat me as if I was nothing with no true explanation except for anger and resentment towards me. Another person who was previously my friend had also continuously made me believe that I was to blame for everything in my life. However, as I got close to my other friends, one of which I am now currently dating, I came to realize that it wasn’t me at all. They left me because they couldn’t handle that I was finally becoming my own person. They couldn’t handle that every once in a while, I freak out because of emotional abuse I endured from would-be friends, nuns, and some others growing up. They helped me find my true self and made me realize that I need to stop trying to please everyone else and do what I need. Not what others expect of me.

Now that I’ve gotten rid of my blockage and I’m finally beginning to get my life on track I will try and post more often in order to get my mind out and talk about things that I enjoy.