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Prophecy of Fire I


This work of fiction is based some time in the future of America. It is a chaotic universe that will become apocalyptic. There is no ill-will towards religion or government. It emphasizes “extreme” religion and not the faith in general.

Calm before the Storm

            Humanity is in chaos. Religion against religion and country against country. This world is dying with its people. How did we survive this long? The race of man has become addicted to money and greed behind the disguise of leadership. This has been the way for centuries, so why has this world come to such a climax?

            After another long day of working, I sat down dramatically on my cheap sofa bed. Even if this was a very cheap studio, I was free to live the way I wish. There are no parents telling me what to believe in anymore. It’s just me and my fluffy white cat Rose. Her purrs always calm me from the chaotic world outside. The once thriving and safe streets have gone to a nightly chaos. In retaliation, the government has decided to declare martial law in all the major cities including this one.

            Those of us able to work normal jobs such as mine are escorted from our home and back. It always makes me nervous every time I’m walking with the local soldiers. They are meant to keep me safe, but I cannot help but worry about their finding out my personal beliefs. The current President is an extremist Christian and has made Christianity our official religion. Since I am no longer in that faith I wonder if other religions will become illegal one day. It may sound impossible, but my gut feelings have always been correct.

Shaking these thoughts away I lay back petting Rose’s soft fur. “One day Rose,” I told her. “One day we will be able to leave this city and live in peace. I know it.” I nodded off laying my head on one of the fuzzy throw pillows.

I was staring in shock at the bright light in the distance. It began as a mushroom cloud and quickly spread throughout the city destroying everything and everyone in its path. I thought that I was dead when it came towards and through me. The extreme burning sensation was almost unbearable. My breathing was heavy and I felt my human body melt off of my muscles and bones.

I wasn’t dead. I had become something much more than human. I am alive.