Possibilities in Mystery

I love writing things that are not “normal” in today’s standards. That is my niche. When writing this mystery novel, I had trouble writing a story without some kind of mystical aspect. This is a possibility I’m not sure about using, because someone suggested I should get out of my niche. However, I want to be remembered for writing in the fantasy genre.

One Beginning

I was flying. The trees below me looked as if they were tiny circles from a child’s drawing. My body levitated higher until I reached a new plane of existence—the “Anglo Plano,” as I call it. Compared to the thoughts of what “Heaven” would look like, this place was so much different. It looked more like an elven city from one of the many fantasy novels I’ve read. The streets are chiseled with a perfect shade of pale blue. The homes are all the pure white shade. Every resident in this place walks as if they were floating,

“I see you are visiting again, Selina.” The soft voice that was neither male nor female came from behind me. It would have spooked me, but I was used to it by this point. I turned to find the beautiful Archangel Gabriel. My spiritual guide and friend. Because of my natural talent, I can come and go on this plane whenever I wish. 

“Yes, hello Gabriel,” I gave a forced smile. Something my guide always knew. 

“What’s wrong?” the angel asked, concerned. I averted my eyes from Gabriel’s. I felt as if they would scold me if I told the truth.

“Selina, you know you can tell me anything. Is this about boarding school?” 

I sighed almost dramatically. “Yes, I just don’t think I’m going to belong there. Yes, I still consider myself Catholic, but I have the kids are horrible. I barely made it out of grade school. I feel like because I have this natural gift, they think I’m the devil or a demon. If I’m a demon, then how can I travel to this realm of angels?”

Gabriel smiled and put a cool hand on my cheek. Our relationship was not romantic, yet not of friendship either. It was like he is my sibling. An older brother that looks after me and comforts me when times are tough. As an only child, it was the best thing I could ask for. 

“Selina, there is a reason you are being sent to this school. Yahweh has given you this gift of intuition and magic. Things that you will need in your four-year journey.” While not stating the exact reason for these words, I stared at them in disbelief. I needed to hide my power. Not use it. “I know that look as well. You think the same thing that your parents force upon you. This power of yours is a blessing. Not a curse. The whole idea of witches being evil is not true at all. Some use powers for good; some use them for evil. It’s not the ability to use magic that makes someone evil. It is how they use the magic that proves good or evil.”

Selina, the voice of my mother, she was calling to me. Selina, time to wake up. We’ve arrived.

“Looks like I need to go back,” I sighed. “I’ll come to visit again soon.” Gabriel gave me a soft hug before I counted back in my head from ten to one. Anglo Plano was fading. Gabriel’s face was fading. Through the sky and the trees until I woke up on the bus that was taking us to my destination. A place I would live in year-round until I graduate. Only a few times I could go home. 

My physical eyes woke from my astral projection suddenly. I breathed a little to catch my breath. Doing it in a place like this was risky because if I woke up suddenly, then my mind would not work correctly for days. Upon seeing the sun, I squinted. It was too bright from having my eyes closed that entire time. 

“Come on, we have to register you in,” my mom said. She was the one who wanted to send me to this place. She was afraid of the little things that happened around me. So she put me somewhere that she thought would “cure” me. 

St. Rita of Cascia High School. A well-funded Catholic boarding school. Only the affluent and snobbish Catholic families attend. A select few students can attend on a scholarship. It is a rare circumstance, and only in particular situations. I don’t follow what many teachings say, but I pretend to make my parents content and proud. I didn’t know what would happen in only a few short days.

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What Comes Next?

You’ve been freed. Do you know how har- No that’s Hamilton…

Those songs are so catchy! Anyway, I think I may have an idea of what to do next. Instead of relying on just my Royal Vizier series, I decided to make a small series of mystery novelettes (possibly novellas if they go longer than expected.) I’ve always loved the mystery genre. Even though it’s hard to write for, I think that I will have fun trying to create a mystery.

Since villains are my favorite, I will most likely try to make the best kind of villains. I love complicated plots, so it might take a bit to figure out, but if I watch and play enough videogames and other mystery things I am sure that I will do well!

Since I cannot get away from magic, I decided on making this a “supernatural” mystery. The main character will be a natural witch born to a very Catholic family. Despite going to a well-funded Catholic boarding school, she will encounter many supernatural beings such as dark witches. Witches are not going to be inherently bad in this story. Quite the opposite. The only “bad” witches are those who choose to do wrong.

Can’t say much else because of spoilers. I plan to publish this series of novelettes on Kindle, so that if I sell any I can get some kind of royalty in return. This way I have fictional books on my resume and query letters. I might end up putting the whole series into one big book when it’s finished as a collection. I will update and possibly give character profiles and setting documents in future weekly blog posts.

In the meantime, I will be looking for some kind of desk job in order to make a living until the day I am able to work on my books full time.

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The Power of Djinns in the Royal Vizier Diaries

There have been many different varieties of Djinns throughout history. I still have yet to do a deep dive into them in Indian/Arabian culture. I will use this time to tell you what I know from media sources and then the little bit of research I had done to create my favorite kind.

Inspiration for Djinns

Aladdin Genies

In Disney’s Aladdin, the Genie is a being that grants you three wishes and then is forced to remain in his lamp until someone else picks them up. If the master chooses to set the Genie free, they are able to do whatever they wish. In the cartoon, he never changed the color of his skin and was still able to use his phenomenal powers. However, in the recent live-action, the Genie is able to become human and take the loyal servant of Princess Jasmine as a wife. I do prefer the second take. It just seems more realistic to me.

Magi: Labyrinth of Magic Djinns

There is an Anime/Manga called Magi: Labyrinth of Magic which is written and illustrated by Shinobu Ohtaka. This is a story that was also inspired by the 1001 Arabian Nights story. The story follows a little boy named Aladdin who has a flute that holds his best friend who is a Djinn named Ugo. Along the way, he meets a teen named Alibaba who wishes to be rich one day and enters a dungeon with Aladdin. This is only the beginning of a very long adventure. The Djinn in this story is in the shape of some kind of item that is on the person of the person who has gained the favor of the Djinn in control of the dungeons. For example, the once sailor Sinbad defeated seven dungeons and have obtained seven items.

The Witcher (Netflix Show) Djinns

While I have never been able to play The Witcher games yet, I have watched the show on Netflix and read the first book in the series. In this version, Djinns are very temperamental. If they do not like someone who tries to make a wish, or if they are offended, they tend to curse the person instead of in some way. At least that is how I interpreted what it did to poor Javier/Dandelion. Thankfully, the bard had a best friend (and secret lover?? *evil grin of poly Geralt role player*) who is a Witcher. A strong one at that. 

Finding My Own Kind of Djinns

In my own search to define my own kind of Djinn, I have used some of these elements as well as some research on what turned out to be my favorite kind of Djinn. Ifrits, (which I will spell as Afreet for the story,) is known as evil demons in Islamic Mythology, but also Djinns of fire in other places. It is very difficult to do research because many versions have been created.

Since my favorite magical element is fire, I have chosen a Djinn by the name of Afreet to be the first Djinn in my series of The Royal Vizier Diaries. The character of Sinbad will still be the first to obtain some kind of power from a Djinn, but my powers work differently. Instead of granting three wishes, the person who obtains mastery of a Djin only has three choices. 

The first two types are when Djinn becomes a personal slave. This is the most dangerous type of decision. The Djinn will be able to give the user the ability to wield the Djinn’s power. This is a double-edged sword.


If the user is consumed by this new power they can be overtaken by that Djinn and lose themselves. This would happen if the master had decided not to form a proper relationship with the captor. The slave inside of him will slowly instill evil thoughts into the master and eventually overtake the body and use the host as its body for revenge.


If the master and Djinn relationship are kind and respectful, they will forever work together. Respect for the Djinn in my story goes a long way. I always believe that there are no beings that are born evil or good. They are defined by the choices they make.


The third option is straightforward. When the master chooses to free the Djinn, they will become their own powerful being. Humanoid or animal, freed Djinn are what make up the magical creatures and beings of this world. Including the Raja Naga.

Final Thoughts

As I had this article drafted in my site, I decided to write out the legend of said Raja Naga. I wanted to do something different with them and find a way to connect the Djinn to the soothsayer. In the end, I decided that if a Djinn, freed or not, were to lay with a human their offspring will be a Soothsayer. It would be a curse of their union.

I hope this entry was fun and insightful. It sure has helped me figure out the most powerful being in my series just a little bit more. Enjoy!



I haven’t written in a while. I was focusing on my last term as an undergraduate. I just finished my very last assignment and my degree should be on its way as of January 1st! It’s been a long time for me since I am 32, and only just getting my driving license this week as well. Starting this Sunday, I will attempt to publish at least one post a week. Especially since I am finally able to get back to writing my book.

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The Lost Prince

A Prince, how can that even be possible? I was raised by my poor mother and was left on the streets. Now that I have finally escaped, I find that I am the first son of the Queen to Anafka? A lost boy meant to embark on this journey. Alone. My friends were forced to retreat back to the Palace. Their prison. I was only spared because of my royal blood. Yet I am now exiled to travel the desert alone on this horse.

The only gift they allowed me to take on this long journey. Stolen bread and sacks of water. Just enough to get me to the next city. Just enough currency to get into a trade and live a more honest life. One day I will come back and reclaim the throne. I will be Sultan, and the first thing I will do is restore peace among the people. Give riches into the city and allow the thieves and beggars to work as they wanted and live a true life of their own. One day I will return. I must prove myself before that time comes.