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The Soconey is the first of the Calney to be created, rather than born. Every Drakney in existence is born to match one Mortarai child. If one finds their match, they can become one as a Soconey.

The Soconey Mark

Once the connection is made, a mark will appear on the chest of both Mortarai and Drakney. The symbol looks like a curled staff with three claw marks coming out of one side. It is made of dark black and like a tattoo. However, if a Soconey is born the mark will become a deep brown and a birthmark. 

Limitations and Heritage

The Soconey gene is dominant when passed on to another generation. However, they have no connection to a Drakney and can be free from the bonds that restrict certain things. They can become much more powerful than a created Soconey because of this.

When the Mortarai finds their Drakney, they must only use magic connected to the element or elements the Drakney has naturally. Their life is tied to their Drakney. They are invincible on their own but if their match is killed their life will end.

Those who find their companion are called the first generation. If they have children with another Soconey either made or born, that child is a “pure” Soconey and is always seen in high regard. 


Like Elvaney, they know the truth language of Nionian by nature. This is because they need to always find the truth before any spell. Spells and rituals can be said in any language of Nionian, but those said in Nionian are the most potent. Soconey can easily pick up any language quickly if they witness someone speaking it long enough in their presence.

If they reach their centennial birthday, they are able to learn teleportation. If they master this skill, they can earn the privilege of traveling to different worlds.

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Since they are Shiconen’s “masterpiece,” I will start the individual Calney posts with the Elvaney. They are perfect beings, and are natural vegans as they cannot consume anything that comes from a living animal or person. If it were to happen, they could get sick, die, or become something much worse than death.

In fact, they are loved so much by Shiconen that they have a bit of Celesney blood in their veins

Mark of the Elvaney

Each Calney is born with, or receives special marks distinguishing themselves as such. Every Elvaney is born with theirs on their left outer thigh. The visualization of the mark is that of a birthmark as no Elvaney is able to be made outside of their elegant race. No other bloodline has ever crossed with theirs.

When the Mortarai began hunting Drakney to gain power, many Elvaney were caught in the crossfire. The Faeney offered to help enchant a forest that will protect the pure of intention. In the heart of the forest is where the Elvaney Kingdom was built.


Using their magic, they created homes from the roots and earth. Nothing was chopped down or made of deforestation. Their homes were as alive as they were. The great trees leant their branches and wood to build a grand castle. Lyonoko, the Elvaney who had led his people into the safety of the forest, became their king. Every male heir after him was given the name as well.

The forest gave them everything they needed to live as well as the companionship of the Unikney who had created them.

Daily Life and Culture

The Elvaney live the longest, naturally, out of all the original Calney races. A progressive race. They believe in equality from the beginning. Gender roles had no meaning amongst the youngest of citizens.

Girls could wear dresses or pants. They could learn to be a good and obedient wife, or train to be a knight. Boys, in turn, could be a knight, or learn things that are “normally” seen as women’s work.

Despite the rest of Nionia looking down on it, Elvaney embrace and accept any individual that loves another of the same biological sex or desires to live as the opposite gender. Even those who fluctuate gender are accepted.

Of all races, Elvaney is the only one Shiconen cares for to the point that he cannot curse them for lying with another race. He would only curse the other for tarnishing his precious creations.

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Calney and Akuney

I am sorry for the long delay in content once again. Things have been very busy for me as I adjust to working full time. I want to start writing more with posts about different aspects of lore for The Inolla Chronicles as well as short stories that will eventually become a book called The Creation of Nionia.

The Beginning

Nionia is a grand world that was created by a god called Shiconen who found this universe and decided to create life here. He chose the largest planet in the system and mixed its gasses with magic so no one else could find his masterpiece. He named it Nionia.

The term Calney refers to the magical beings that originate in Nionia. As such, Akuney refers to the magical animals, who were the first creatures to be created by the great god, Shiconen, himself. The only non-magical beings that live in Nionia are the Mortarai, which are called Human in any other world. 


The Akuney are the first magical beings that Shiconen created. The Unikney are similar to unicorns, and can take on the form of horses if they need to protect themselves. The Drakney are the closest to the mythical dragons. As the two most powerful beings, Shiconen chose them to create two of the many races of Nionia; the Elvaney and the Mortarai.

There are other Akuney that have the ability to shift from animal to human. The two main groups consist of the Lykney (the wolf packs) and the Felkney (the cat prides.) The mierney are considered Akuney and not Calney, because they are the most similar to mermaids. 

There are specific markers on the Akuney along with the Calney. Specifically for the Akuney, the eye color shows who they are. The Unikney are always born with bright blue eyes that can glow when they are in a very emotional state. The Drakney have bold iridescent eyes that show different color variations in emotional states. The Lykney packs have bright silver eyes, while the Felkney have gold. 


The Elvaney are the closest to the race of elves in various fantasy tales. They are the favorite of Shiconen’s because he put his own blood into creating the Unikney, which means the Elvaney have Celesney(the race of god where Shiconen is born from) blood in them. The Soconey are beings that are similar to sorcerers, wizards, warlocks, and witches. They are created when a Mortarai finds the matching Drakney they are assigned to when they are born. When a Soconey is born, they do not need a Drakney and their magic is much more stable. The Faeney was created to protect the lush landscapes that Shiconen has made for Nionia’s tenants. 

Beyond these two initial beings are the Vamney (my personal favorite) and the Warisney. I will delve much deeper into their creations later on after posting stories attached to them. For now all you need to know is Vamney are a race like vampires, and Warisney are a race like born warriors.

Each Calney has a mark somewhere on their body that shows what they are. Some are born with the markings, which look like a very detailed birthmark. When one is turned, they are given a mark that is darker and looks more like a tattoo. 

Special Traits

There are certain traits that come with being a Calney as well as an Akuney. One is that certain races automatically learn languages when they are transitioned or born. The Vamney automatically knows the language of Vamneic. Soconey and Elvaney instinctively know the truth language of Nionian since it is the very first, and sacred language Shiconen had given them. It is also the language that creates the most powerful spells. 

Each Calney and Akuney have the ability to change into the opposite sex if they wish to have a family with another of their own sex. It is very frowned upon, but not forbidden by Shiconen. The only thing forbidden is interbreeding. In addition, the Akuney have an ability to change into human form even if they are not Lykney or Felkney.

Finally, the trait that makes some fall to darkness. If someone was to kill another Calney or Akuney, that individual will automatically be given not only every memory of the life they took but also absorb the powers of that being.

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Ok, I’ve said this many times before, but now that I am less busy/depressed I can update a lot more often! In fact, ever since I’ve begun listening to The Mortal Instruments series, by Cassandra Clare, my perpetual writer’s block has lifted. It takes about 40 minutes to get to and from my new full-time job. I choose that time to listen to the books. I’m finished City of Bones and City of Ashes, and now I am onto City of Glass.

Spark Has Ignited

Since this series is a fantasy book, I believe that is why I am able to write again. With school, I was only able to do so much. I was overwhelmed. Now, I’m back at it with writing. Just reading the series has made me realize that trying to write outside of the main series is what is holding me back.

I need to write within the scope of my pride and joy, The Inolla Chronicles. I’ve realized that going the traditional route is extremely stressful and if I am trying to have a backup career it will easily over whelm me. I decided that I will be self publishing the entire series. Novelettes, novellas, short stories, refference books for certain things and such will all be self published now.

Children of Gods and War

I decided that I will begin the series of stories with my own version of Greek and Roman Mythology. In a way. It is more so explaining how I feel about the various religions of the past and present. This will explain the origin of one of the main characters that will play a vital role in the main series. It will be a series of three novelettes, and then a three-part book. The first will be called The Wife of Ares, the second Child of Ares, and the third Child of Minerva.

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A Week for Creativity

I used to be a Catholic and in the end it was not for me. However, I am not against Catholics or Christians. Even though I am Pagan I still believe that Jesus existed and more so believe he was a prophet like the Quran suggests. This is why I identify more as an ecclectic. Thanks to this, and other lost gospels that I have heard of over the years I have compiled an idea that I am writing through a collection of short stories.

Each one of these stories has to do with the famous gospel stories. However, they are told from the eyes of Judas who, in this point of view, was actually Jesus’ elder brother through Joseph. Half anyway. There is no magical virgin birth and no Resurrection in this story. The only magic has to do with prophecies and how Judas attempts to change fate in order to bring hope to their people.

This group of compiled stories create The Brother’s Lament.