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Malieko and Terianako

Part 2: The Curse

Centuries passed since Terianako and Malieko had become the King and Queen to rule over all Mortarai in Nionia. Since then, the Drakney race had fled to the Mountains of Dyr. Only the strong of heart have survived the treacherous terrain and were rewarded with becoming a Soconey. These individuals became the nobles of their kingdom. 

Many times, the King or Queen would fall in love with a noble Soconey or a mortal Mortarai. Each time, the love would die or betray them with greed for the throne. It became a very lonely existence. The servants were very kind, but only lived to serve them. The only real company they had was each other.

“Brother,” Teri was working on creating some Nionian spells. She enjoyed sharing the spells she crafted with fellow Soconey. “Have you ever thought about having a family? Becoming parents like all the other Mortarai out there.”

Malieko looked up from his book. “Of course I have, Teri. We both have tried and failed have we not?”

She flushed and nodded, setting her quill into the inkwell. “Yes, and I know that Shiconen had forbade us from committing incest. Though, despite his warnings, I have noticed that very strong Soconey children are born from siblings.”

Malieko frowned. He had heard the same from various sources. It was bad enough that spending all this time alone with her sister, for hundreds of years, had caused him to lust for her at times. There were many times in the past where they had almost kissed under the influence of strong wine. It was clear that Teri had been hiding the same instinctive need to procreate.

“That is true,” he nodded softly.

The two were silent. Teri got up, and walked into her bedroom. Malieko’s heart was racing before he stood up himself, following his twin. “Porlyga Fys, Shiconen.” These words, in the language of Nionian meant forgive me, Shiconen. 

Not long after the first night they spent together, Terianako fell pregnant. There was no word from Shiconen throughout the pregnancy, but his wrath came in the form of extreme sickness. Teri was bedridden the entire nine months and there were times where Malieko feared she would die. The only thing keeping her alive was her Drakney.

When the time came for their twin sons to be born, Malieko had to take the infants out of her womb because of how weak she was. They were identical twin boys, but they bore no Soconey markings on their chest. Instead, a small mark was on the inside of the younger boy’s right wrist.

“What is going on?” Malieko asked, holding the unmarked twin. “Are they not Soconey?”

It was then that Shiconen appeared, looking upon them both in scornful anger. “You have disobeyed one of my laws. Your twins will not die now, but the second born and his descendants will always be sickly. They will never have a Drakney of their own and if one is born for a descendant they will never connect with them directly. The eldest will live a normal Mortarai life. In addition, you two will be barren from this time forward. This is the consequence of committing incest. The name of Mortakeo will forever be cursed among the Mortarai race. Defy me again, and your punishment will be dire.” He did not let them question him before he disappeared.

Teri laid back in her bed, holding her frail second son to her breast. She kissed his small forehead as he began to cry weakly. “It is alright, Kalebek,” she said softly.

Malieko sat with the eldest sleeping in his arms. “We will protect them and our descendants,” he assured her softly. “Right Zekan?” 

The King and Queen loved their boys with all their hearts. It mattered not if they were to live a Mortarai and mortal life. They would always be protected. Malieko would never allow his bloodline to be harmed. He swore it to them in Nionian.

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Malieko and Terianako

This is the first in a three part story about the first King and Queen of the Mortarai chosen by Shiconen himself. It is a tragic tale of a pair of twins who were orphaned because of the discourse of the war the Mortarai had in search for Drakney.

Part 1- Orphaned Fate

In a time where the Mortarai were feuding and warring in a despairingly pursuit of power, a young pair of siblings were orphaned. They cared not for this war or the power from the Drakney. They just wanted to survive. The twins were exploring the sacred Lyonoko forest while the mischievous Piseney were constantly giggling and turning them around in circles. Eventually, Shiconen appeared before them.

“What is a pair of orphaned Mortarai doing in the Lyonoko Forest?” His voice was calm with a hint of rigidity.

Teri instinctively stood in front of Malieko as she was the elder twin. “We mean no harm, we just want a safe place to live. We want nothing to do with this stupid war. Our father went mad, leaving us behind.”

The Celesney (the Nionian term for celestial deity) nodded, “if you both are willing to follow and carry out all of my laws, I can bestow on both of you a Drakney that is connected to you. Your lives will be bound to them, making you immortal. You will be charged with bringing order and peace to the Mortarai race as special Soconey. You will have your own land on the other side of Nionia, as well as a Kingdom where you can rule over the Mortarai people. You can employ servants to wait on you as royalty. However, if you break any of my laws you will be punished. One in particular could result in dire circumstances.”

Malieko looked from his sister to Shiconen. “What are these laws?”

“There are many, but I will tell you two very important ones. The act of incest relations will result in a punishment that will carry onto any child born from this act as well as sterility to forbid both of you from having any more children. The second is the act that is the most forbidden, resulting in your life changing forever. If you were to kill another living Calney, Akuney, or even a Mortarai.”

The twins looked at each other, not exactly knowing what incest meant yet. However, they knew how bad killing was because of how many people had died in this war. They hated it, and would do anything to stop this pointless war.

“We will do it,” they said together. They were perfectly in sync most of the time as many twins were.

Shiconen nodded, clapping his hands together. They found themselves in a large, silver throne room with dark red banners. Standing before them were two very young Drakney. One was black while the other was pure white. Both of them had beautiful bright green eyes.

“This is Fyrak and Aerana. They are your matches. Once you make a connection, you will not only become Soconey but the very first King and Queen of the Mortarai race. You can bring this chaos into peace.”

Malieko stared at Fyrak after feeling a strange pull towards him. He walked forward with an outstretched hand towards the creature’s scaled claw. “Hello, I am Malieko. Can we make a pact?”

Yes. Let us be friends, Malieko! The young Drakney’s voice went into the boy’s mind as a glowing blue light was made around them. It made him feel so powerful. Terianako followed suit with Aerana, sealing the connections and allowing them to become King and Queen of what they would soon call the Kingdom of Maliteri. 

The same blue light expanded throughout the lands of Nionia. The Drakney are called away from the remaining Mortarai and the unsuspecting race are called to their new land to learn the new laws and live under their command. “In a few days, all the Mortarai will come into this Kingdom. They will live under your rule as King and Queen. They will forever follow your Royal leadership. Follow the rules exactly, and your reign will last forever.” The god left without another word. The twins walked to take their thrones and sat with their Drakney companions by their side.

“I hope that we can make Shiconen proud,” Teri said with a soft smile.

“So do I,” her brother nodded. Years and years passed. The children became adults and stopped aging after they turned 25. They brought peace to the Mortarai people for hundreds of years to come.

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The Soconey is the first of the Calney to be created, rather than born. Every Drakney in existence is born to match one Mortarai child. If one finds their match, they can become one as a Soconey.

The Soconey Mark

Once the connection is made, a mark will appear on the chest of both Mortarai and Drakney. The symbol looks like a curled staff with three claw marks coming out of one side. It is made of dark black and like a tattoo. However, if a Soconey is born the mark will become a deep brown and a birthmark. 

Limitations and Heritage

The Soconey gene is dominant when passed on to another generation. However, they have no connection to a Drakney and can be free from the bonds that restrict certain things. They can become much more powerful than a created Soconey because of this.

When the Mortarai finds their Drakney, they must only use magic connected to the element or elements the Drakney has naturally. Their life is tied to their Drakney. They are invincible on their own but if their match is killed their life will end.

Those who find their companion are called the first generation. If they have children with another Soconey either made or born, that child is a “pure” Soconey and is always seen in high regard. 


Like Elvaney, they know the truth language of Nionian by nature. This is because they need to always find the truth before any spell. Spells and rituals can be said in any language of Nionian, but those said in Nionian are the most potent. Soconey can easily pick up any language quickly if they witness someone speaking it long enough in their presence.

If they reach their centennial birthday, they are able to learn teleportation. If they master this skill, they can earn the privilege of traveling to different worlds.

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Since they are Shiconen’s “masterpiece,” I will start the individual Calney posts with the Elvaney. They are perfect beings, and are natural vegans as they cannot consume anything that comes from a living animal or person. If it were to happen, they could get sick, die, or become something much worse than death.

In fact, they are loved so much by Shiconen that they have a bit of Celesney blood in their veins

Mark of the Elvaney

Each Calney is born with, or receives special marks distinguishing themselves as such. Every Elvaney is born with theirs on their left outer thigh. The visualization of the mark is that of a birthmark as no Elvaney is able to be made outside of their elegant race. No other bloodline has ever crossed with theirs.

When the Mortarai began hunting Drakney to gain power, many Elvaney were caught in the crossfire. The Faeney offered to help enchant a forest that will protect the pure of intention. In the heart of the forest is where the Elvaney Kingdom was built.


Using their magic, they created homes from the roots and earth. Nothing was chopped down or made of deforestation. Their homes were as alive as they were. The great trees leant their branches and wood to build a grand castle. Lyonoko, the Elvaney who had led his people into the safety of the forest, became their king. Every male heir after him was given the name as well.

The forest gave them everything they needed to live as well as the companionship of the Unikney who had created them.

Daily Life and Culture

The Elvaney live the longest, naturally, out of all the original Calney races. A progressive race. They believe in equality from the beginning. Gender roles had no meaning amongst the youngest of citizens.

Girls could wear dresses or pants. They could learn to be a good and obedient wife, or train to be a knight. Boys, in turn, could be a knight, or learn things that are “normally” seen as women’s work.

Despite the rest of Nionia looking down on it, Elvaney embrace and accept any individual that loves another of the same biological sex or desires to live as the opposite gender. Even those who fluctuate gender are accepted.

Of all races, Elvaney is the only one Shiconen cares for to the point that he cannot curse them for lying with another race. He would only curse the other for tarnishing his precious creations.

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The Shiconian Universe

Celeskona is a plane of existence where the creators of many universes are born. Anyone with their blood cannot be killed or cursed by another Celesney as long as they are pure. Many decide to create universes parallel to others, giving their tenants the gift of free will to do what they wish. The jealous god, Shiconen, wanted control.

Before any religion was made to worship the gods of this world, Shiconen was the one to truly create everything we know and love. Earth was not the first to have intelligent life. Rather, it was what we call Jupiter. He created a solid sphere to act as his masterpiece world of Nionia.

After perfecting every ounce of land and water, he made creatures to inhabit the land.  Most of them were mundane animals, but others were magical. Of all his creations, Unikey was his favorite. So much so, that he put his own blood to mix with theirs. He gave them the ability to build their home in the great forest.

He chose the Unikney to create another race of human-like beings he called the Elvaney. When the prideful brutish species of Drakney grew jealous, Shiconen allowed them to make a boring race called the Mortarai. Many different creatures were made as time went on, and Shiconen was not a kind ruler.

He cursed many individuals and families that broke the rules. Eventually he turned to another planet that was ruled by dinosaurs. He forced an asteroid to kill them in order to place Mortarai who had gone against his will. He deemed them extreme criminals and stripped them of their knowledge and past of Nionia. They were soon renamed “humans.”

He called this new world Moranko, which remains its true name. He gave these humans one gift that they would never know. The power to create other worlds with the written world. Whether it be fiction, myth, or history, other worlds and astral planes were formed. He hid magic in certain places on Moranko after he began sending Calney from Nionia there as punishment. He eventually grew tired of ruling over this place and allowed his mischievous half brother Zehikari to rule over it in his stead.

Time passed, and other planets became hub worlds for other things. For example, the soon-to-be-famous Inolla family inhabit the planet of Venus, which is also called Inollia. The Mortakeo twins share a very small existence on Uranus, also called Twinnaka. Finally, Kalebeko, the evil one of the Mortakeo twins, raises the strongest among his army on Mars, also known as Kalebekaro.

As with Nionia, their true existence is protected by a strong magical barrier that will misdirect any who try to explore without permission or ability to teleport. Moranko is considered a prison world where those with Calney blood can be reborn over and over thanks to Zehikari. This is, of course, save for one soul.