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Nionia’s Creation

The Cales have been around long before this galaxy has existed. They live on various planes of existence, only emerging to create or guide intelligent life on solid worlds. Shiconen was no different. When the “Big Bang” created the Milky Way solar system, he chose this opportunity to satisfy his curiosity as a god. He chose the larges of the first nine to create his masterpiece that he called Nionia.

The gas planet was the perfect camouflage and protection. Any being that dared visit this place without permission would be killed before they were to even hit the magical atmosphere. He had always been overly protective of his possessions. He even chastised his younger brother, Zehikari, many times growing up and never shared a single thing. He used his magic to create a solid sphere that carried acres of deep forestation. He made a large ocean that covered all but a single piece of land. 

Next, he created the magical creatures he called Akuney. Wolves that had the ability to take on a humanoid form called the Lykney live in tight-knit Packs. The Felaney Prides were created as well. They are more individualistic and spread apart, but they were the second biggest group who roamed the forests. He filled the ocean with various kinds of fish, but also beautiful sirens called Mierney. He created fair, small creatures to keep the forests safe called the Fierney.

His most prized Akuney was much more elegant than the rest. They were perfect. Their bodies were akin to a modern equine, with much softer hair and a horn protruding from their foreheads. They were magical, and keepers of the sacred language called Nionian. They only communicate through this truth language using their horns as a telepathic link to themselves and other Akuney. They dared not consume anything from a living being other than plant life. Their species was dubbed the Unikney.

In order to make a contrast, Shiconen decided to create another species that would be the opposite. He called them Drakney. These large, scaled creatures were beasts. Ruthless against each other and always fighting for dominance. Even among the Lykney, they were unliked. They held large wings that carried them throughout the forests, allowing them to hunt the non-magical animals and sink their claws and teeth into them as if they were nothing. They hated the Unykney and constantly tried to prove how superior they were to them. The only magic they had, though, was elemental. Depending on what type of Drakney they were born as, they are able to use air, water, earth, and the most popular, which was fire.

After a while, Shiconen wanted more. He decided to create humanoid races that could live on this beautiful land. He decided to allow his favorite Akuney race to create them. The result was astounding. They were just as elegant as the Unikney. They had no need to kill or ingest any kind of meat from animals or akuney. They used their power to create a great city made only from the luscious land the forest had to offer. They befriended all the creatures that called their forest home.

The Drakney grew jealous. They demanded to know why they were not allowed to create beings just since they saw themselves as the superior Akuney. Shiconen cared not for their demands but had to do something when they began attacking his precious creations. He needed to find a way to control them, but the Celes race had been only able to live on a solid existence for a total of ten years every century. He decided to give in to the brute race’s demands but at a price.

The beings created from dragons were not given anything. No powers. Not even immortality like the Elveney. Their name was not even fancy. They were called Mortaras which are the true source of modern-day humans. He all but cursed this nasty race. He forced them to use hard labor, hunting, and gathering to survive. He gave them one spark of hope; if they found the Drakney that matched their soul then they would be bound to the beast indefinitely. They would be as immortal as their companion and could develop powers associated with them. However, if the dragon would be slain then so would they. 

His precious Elveney put themselves deep into the forest to seclude themselves from the barbaric race. They had no trust in them. The Faney, little creatures are known now as fairies, agreed to help keep their city safe by keeping out any who enter with ill intent. The Unikney also joined them as companions as they lived peacefully in the place named after their first king, Lyonoko.

The Mortaras began fighting amongst themselves. The barbarians went on journeys to greedily find their Drakney and slaughter the ones they come across so their match would never find them. Above all things, Shiconen loathed murder. Instead of cursing their entire existence immediately, he chose an innocent pair of orphan siblings to bring balance. He bestowed onto them their Drakney pair and gave them more power than normal. Their names were Malieko and Terianako. He raised them for ten years and taught them how to use their power and bring order to the Mortara. This was their job. He only left them with three simple rules. Never leave their property. Never indulge in incestual relations. Above all else; never kill a Calney or Akuney. If the last rule was to be broken, then all of the Mortara would be cursed for all eternity.

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Writer’s Block Recovery

Hey everyone. I know I promised to be more consistent, but writer’s block and the brain fog has been horrible. While I did want to write something with mystery, I wasn’t able to actually think of a good plot. Instead, I decided to turn an apocalyptic fantasy story I had in my head into my first novelette or novella series depending on how it goes.

Writer’s Block Again?

If I get writer’s block again, I plan on writing fanfiction to help me out. It keeps the writing juices flowing. Plus I found caffeine keeps me focused on writing. I will attempt at least once a month now so that I do not overdo myself with these blog posts. I will try to add some character profiles and other things to keep the story going on in my head and on the page.

The Kelwyn Bloodline

The story I want to write was originally based in the future with an entirely different kind of world. Instead, I decided to make a series starting with how everything ended up. Starting with who The Kelwyn bloodline originated from. Onyx and Lenora are best friends and consider themselves siblings.

They believe past lives are more of an extension of their own lives. Onyx had been considered an oracle in every life in some way. Though, the visions Onyx has never seem to get through to the public. This life is no different because once she sees an atomic bomb almost wipe out humanity, no one believes her until it’s too late.

Royal Vizier Diaries?

As for the Royal Vizier Diaries, I plan to work very hard on that so that I can go the traditional publishing route. I plan to self-publish The Kelwyn Bloodline on Kindle so that it is easier and cheaper to publish. This would also get my name out there as a published author. I hope that this new plan can be successful and will keep everyone updated.


Possibilities in Mystery

I love writing things that are not “normal” in today’s standards. That is my niche. When writing this mystery novel, I had trouble writing a story without some kind of mystical aspect. This is a possibility I’m not sure about using, because someone suggested I should get out of my niche. However, I want to be remembered for writing in the fantasy genre.

One Beginning

I was flying. The trees below me looked as if they were tiny circles from a child’s drawing. My body levitated higher until I reached a new plane of existence—the “Anglo Plano,” as I call it. Compared to the thoughts of what “Heaven” would look like, this place was so much different. It looked more like an elven city from one of the many fantasy novels I’ve read. The streets are chiseled with a perfect shade of pale blue. The homes are all the pure white shade. Every resident in this place walks as if they were floating,

“I see you are visiting again, Selina.” The soft voice that was neither male nor female came from behind me. It would have spooked me, but I was used to it by this point. I turned to find the beautiful Archangel Gabriel. My spiritual guide and friend. Because of my natural talent, I can come and go on this plane whenever I wish. 

“Yes, hello Gabriel,” I gave a forced smile. Something my guide always knew. 

“What’s wrong?” the angel asked, concerned. I averted my eyes from Gabriel’s. I felt as if they would scold me if I told the truth.

“Selina, you know you can tell me anything. Is this about boarding school?” 

I sighed almost dramatically. “Yes, I just don’t think I’m going to belong there. Yes, I still consider myself Catholic, but I have the kids are horrible. I barely made it out of grade school. I feel like because I have this natural gift, they think I’m the devil or a demon. If I’m a demon, then how can I travel to this realm of angels?”

Gabriel smiled and put a cool hand on my cheek. Our relationship was not romantic, yet not of friendship either. It was like he is my sibling. An older brother that looks after me and comforts me when times are tough. As an only child, it was the best thing I could ask for. 

“Selina, there is a reason you are being sent to this school. Yahweh has given you this gift of intuition and magic. Things that you will need in your four-year journey.” While not stating the exact reason for these words, I stared at them in disbelief. I needed to hide my power. Not use it. “I know that look as well. You think the same thing that your parents force upon you. This power of yours is a blessing. Not a curse. The whole idea of witches being evil is not true at all. Some use powers for good; some use them for evil. It’s not the ability to use magic that makes someone evil. It is how they use the magic that proves good or evil.”

Selina, the voice of my mother, she was calling to me. Selina, time to wake up. We’ve arrived.

“Looks like I need to go back,” I sighed. “I’ll come to visit again soon.” Gabriel gave me a soft hug before I counted back in my head from ten to one. Anglo Plano was fading. Gabriel’s face was fading. Through the sky and the trees until I woke up on the bus that was taking us to my destination. A place I would live in year-round until I graduate. Only a few times I could go home. 

My physical eyes woke from my astral projection suddenly. I breathed a little to catch my breath. Doing it in a place like this was risky because if I woke up suddenly, then my mind would not work correctly for days. Upon seeing the sun, I squinted. It was too bright from having my eyes closed that entire time. 

“Come on, we have to register you in,” my mom said. She was the one who wanted to send me to this place. She was afraid of the little things that happened around me. So she put me somewhere that she thought would “cure” me. 

St. Rita of Cascia High School. A well-funded Catholic boarding school. Only the affluent and snobbish Catholic families attend. A select few students can attend on a scholarship. It is a rare circumstance, and only in particular situations. I don’t follow what many teachings say, but I pretend to make my parents content and proud. I didn’t know what would happen in only a few short days.

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What Comes Next?

You’ve been freed. Do you know how har- No that’s Hamilton…

Those songs are so catchy! Anyway, I think I may have an idea of what to do next. Instead of relying on just my Royal Vizier series, I decided to make a small series of mystery novelettes (possibly novellas if they go longer than expected.) I’ve always loved the mystery genre. Even though it’s hard to write for, I think that I will have fun trying to create a mystery.

Since villains are my favorite, I will most likely try to make the best kind of villains. I love complicated plots, so it might take a bit to figure out, but if I watch and play enough videogames and other mystery things I am sure that I will do well!

Since I cannot get away from magic, I decided on making this a “supernatural” mystery. The main character will be a natural witch born to a very Catholic family. Despite going to a well-funded Catholic boarding school, she will encounter many supernatural beings such as dark witches. Witches are not going to be inherently bad in this story. Quite the opposite. The only “bad” witches are those who choose to do wrong.

Can’t say much else because of spoilers. I plan to publish this series of novelettes on Kindle, so that if I sell any I can get some kind of royalty in return. This way I have fictional books on my resume and query letters. I might end up putting the whole series into one big book when it’s finished as a collection. I will update and possibly give character profiles and setting documents in future weekly blog posts.

In the meantime, I will be looking for some kind of desk job in order to make a living until the day I am able to work on my books full time.

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A Time to Reflect

The waves are peaceful. Much more than the chaos I have left behind me. Since this was my first time traveling outside of that city it was a lot to take in. I had read of many adventures throughout the books I have read and memorized in that library. 

The rest of the assassins readied the small ship that will carry us across the sea to another land. The sounds of the deep blue water clapping together caused another vision of him to come to mind.

The two of us were older. We lay on the golden beach listening to the waves crash as if we were the only two alive. Our fingers were interwoven with the other. The constant golden cobra was slithering against the other palm. Its smooth scales felt so welcoming.

Just as Alía told me, my power is growing since I murdered, no assassinated those people. Under Regina Indía’s tutelage, I will finally be able to take control of these visions.