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A Brother’s Lament: Nightmare Before Jerusalem


This story along with the others in this small series of stories is purely fiction. It is not meant to go against anyone’s belief in the Gospel. This is my own personal belief in the form of fiction and the “supernatural” parts are more -so true to life than they are in the Bible. It is another telling of what happened in the view of the so-called “villain.” My personal belief is inspired by the lost gospels of Judas, Barnabas, Mary Magdalene, and the belief that Jesus was a prophet and not the son of the Hebrew/Christian God as told in the Quran.

The Story

It was painful. Nothing, not even these visions could prepare me for this. I saw nothing but my beloved baby brother getting beaten and bruised and for what? Asking for peace? It was not our fault that our original journey had caused people to rebel against the Romans. That is not what we wanted. All we wanted was for everyone to get along. To not overtake the other. Simple guidelines to follow. 

“Betrayer!” I heard Peter’s voice from behind me. Betrayer? What did he mean by that? The angry fisherman stood there as I turned to him. He had a noose in his hand along with my wife being held by another Apostle. Anger began to build in my gut.

“Let her go Peter.” I said angrily.

“No,” the drunk spat. “You will pay for what you did to Yeshua.”

“I only did what he asked me to do!” I yelled. Peter glared and had the others take me away…

“Judas!” my little brother’s voice woke me from the horrible nightmare. These prophecies have become more and more vivid lately. That only meant that the time was drawing near. “Jude, you were yelling in your sleep again. Do you wish to wake the others? I am sure Peter would not like to be disturbed from his night of overdrinking wine.”

“Sorry Yeshy,” I said softly holding my head. “They…they are getting worse. This time I was called a betrayer for some reason.” Yeshua frowned and hugged me. He seemed to be hiding something. I always knew when he was. “Brother, I know when something is wrong. Tell me. Do you know why I would be called a betrayer in a future where I am forced to see you tortured?” I asked the question in a hushed tone of voice. These things are better left unheard.

“Judas, what if you are the only way for this future to happen?” he asked. “What if the Romans or even the High Priests were to ask a betrayal of you?”

“I would refuse. Yeshy, you are my little brother and I have sworn to protect you since the day you were born.”

“Yes, I know that,” he frowned. “But think about it this way, what if this is the only way to bring peace?”

“What if this brings war instead? Yesh, you know Peter. I know that if you were not here he would lead a war against the Romans instead of trying to bring peace. He would most likely try to force our beliefs on others just as the Romans had done to us. He is not great at keeping his mouth quiet and letting people go.”

“Judas, I know you worry about Peter but he is also very strong. I believe he can and has changed. I may have to do this to bring our people together.”

I frowned and hugged my brother tightly. He had a point, but we had been able to stop some of my prophecies before. Why could we not stop this one? I would have replied if not for the rest of the Apostles stirring awake. Today was the day we were going to travel into Jerusalem for Passover. 

We ate a small, humble breakfast as we always did and made our way. At first, we walked, as we always did, down the path into the thriving city. However just as it came into view, Peter came over to us dragging along a colt. “Yeshua, why do you not ride this into the city? After all you have done, surely you would enjoy riding into Jerusalem rather than walk.”

I frowned, annoyed. I knew this would only cause the soldiers and priests to get angry. Bring more unwanted attention our way. “Brother, you know this will bring unwanted attention…”

“Let him make his own decisions, Judas,” the fisherman practically growled at me when I attempted to speak to Yeshua. He was always trying to test my patience.

“It is alright, Judas. Peter is just trying to be kind. He must have gone through some length to find the animal after all.”

I nodded backing off. It was true that the idiot must have pulled some strings or traded some items for such a young colt. I stood by my brother’s side and held the reins of the young animal as we rode in. The giant crowd of people greeting us made me feel very uneasy, but my brother was relaxed and seemed to be enjoying the attention. They laid palms and clothes in our path and greeted my brother as if he were some kind of royalty. While I was happy to see my brother enjoying himself, fear had kept me from enjoying the affair… Especially with the high priests who were patrolling outside of the crowd. Something told me that this horrible prophecy was going to happen very soon.

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A Week for Creativity

I used to be a Catholic and in the end it was not for me. However, I am not against Catholics or Christians. Even though I am Pagan I still believe that Jesus existed and more so believe he was a prophet like the Quran suggests. This is why I identify more as an ecclectic. Thanks to this, and other lost gospels that I have heard of over the years I have compiled an idea that I am writing through a collection of short stories.

Each one of these stories has to do with the famous gospel stories. However, they are told from the eyes of Judas who, in this point of view, was actually Jesus’ elder brother through Joseph. Half anyway. There is no magical virgin birth and no Resurrection in this story. The only magic has to do with prophecies and how Judas attempts to change fate in order to bring hope to their people.

This group of compiled stories create The Brother’s Lament.

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Nionia: Creating a New World

Many, many years ago, long before the dinosaurs on “Earth,” there was a god named Shiconen who founded our Universe. He was a peaceful deity, at first anyway. He was from another plane of existence where all the gods and goddesses across many pantheons lived and ruled over their respective civilizations together. He was the weakest of all the creators. This fact is why he decided to take this Universe for his own. 


Among the nine (yes nine) planets, he chose the largest of them all to place the first civilization. Within the gassy outer layers, he formed a solid planet. It was lush with trees, water, and wildlife. It was peaceful save for the carnivorous animals who preyed on the weaker kinds. He wasn’t satisfied with this. He wanted more intelligent creatures that he could rule over.  He named it Nionia.

This is how the Akuney came into being. They were animals, yet they were able to communicate with each other through telepathic means. They created the language of Nionian which was a language of truths. No creature who spoke this language could tell a lie. It was not in the language to be deceitful or crude. Creatures such as dragons, unicorns, phoenixes, and many others were able to live in their respectful herds or other groups. They watched over the “normal” creatures and held responsibility over them. 


Shiconen was still not satisfied. The ability to create worlds made him crave control. He saw others create civilizations of humanoid beings in other universes and he wanted to be part of that. He wanted to do this in a special way. A way to make Nionia very different from other worlds.

He chose his favorite creation, the unicorns, and gave them the power to create a pure race which he named the elves. Nionian was forced into their being. They formed a small Kingdom within the vast and magical forest which was named Lyonoko after the first Elven King.Their homes were crafted out of the earth and trees. They only consumed what was natural which was plants and water. If they were to eat or drink from an animal in any form they would become extremely sickened. The Elves would become what is later called part of the Calney, or humanoid beings with the ability to use magic and change shape at will.


Next, Shiconen chose dragons. They, too, were given a task to create a race. The race of man. They bore no magic and were forced to serve the Elves. Even though men resented their servitude to the Elves, they were loyal and never thought to rebel. They formed another language that would allow them to lie and curse as much as they wanted and it was known as the “common” language. A language that even the civilizations on Earth would eventually adopt as an unofficial universal language. 

The Twins

Only two were the exception to this rule. Malieko and his twin sister, Terianako, were given a special task from Shiconen. He placed the two in a secluded cave high above the small village of men. A dragon was given to each which represented their lifespan and magic. These were the first and only sorcerers of Nionia. They were to never leave the cave and only assist when they were needed.

Shiconen gave Nionians strict rules. No mixing blood with other races, the Elves were to rule over all, and absolutely no murder was to be permitted. As with every civilization simple rules such as these were bound to be broken. Only time would tell.

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The True Oracle of Pompeii

It’s hot. Hotter than normal on this August day. I was the only one who had any inkling as to why the heat was so unbearable. For months I have urged so many to leave, but the woman who calls me sister, Eudocia, had instilled unto them the notion that I was insane. The reason was so unknown to me as to why they wanted everyone to perish in the flames when my words could help them leave and protect their families. 

Night, after night, I see the mountain explode into ash and along with it our beautiful city. Why was I cursed to be the only “oracle” in Pompeii to know the truth of what was going to happen? So many lives could be saved if they would only listen to me. My husband Rogerius and I finally came up with a plan. If no one was going to listen to us then we would leave and start fresh outside of this city.

“Ah…” The sharp pain that had become more and more frequent happened again. I knew that telling Rori would just… complicate things. We had to get out of here. It was going to happen today I just knew it. I packed the bags with shaky hands trying to ignore the pains that were coming more and more frequently. 

“Amara, you need to let me do the packing. Our child is almost due. If you want it to be born safely out of Pompeii then you need to relax.” 

My sweet husband tried to convince me to sit down but I could not do it. For the sake of our small family we had to leave before the city burned to ash. “No, we need to leave as soon as possible…ahh.” The pain was getting more and more intense. 

“Ama,” he said softly finally setting me down. “The baby is coming is it not? My father was a doctor. I know from the look on your face that it is soon.”

“Yes, and so is the ahh,” another painful contraction. This time paired with fluids flowing from underneath my dress. “No, it cannot be born like this. I cannot let it turn to ash.”

“It looks like you could use some help.” 

No, not today. The satisfied voice coming from our home’s doorway was none other than Eudocia. Next to her was her lover and high priest of Pompeii, Ambrosius. 

“No… please… not now,” I tried to protest, but Ambrosius pushed Rogerius to the side and pulled me onto a table. Guards came in after them and held my husband back while my horrible sister lifted my dress for all to see.

“What are you doing to my wife? I am her husband and a soldier so give us the decency of privacy!” I could hear my Rory cry while I felt our child’s head trying to come out of my body. I could not move. I could not do anything. I was trapped. 

“Well, there is no other need to examine. I can already see the baby. I guess all you can do right now is push dear sister.”

The only thing I wanted to do at this moment was keep the tiny infant inside of me as long as I could. What did she want with it? What was she going to do? I cried in both pain and anguish. I could not let them take or hurt my child. “Please, what are you doing? I need my husband. Please let him go!”

“Sorry, but this child is too important,” Ambrosius said with a wicked smile. “You will see why once we are finished with you and your part.”

“I need to know now…” I screamed in pain. I tried so much to keep it in, but it was as if there was some kind of spell that was forcing me to push.


All I could do was hear my husband’s helpless scream as I had no choice other than to push. All I could hope for right now was that my sister would show mercy and allow me to hold my infant. I pushed only a few times and she was out. Her screams were the only warmth in this cold room. My sister was already armed with warm blankets to wrap my daughter in. 

“Please… let me hold her.” I begged.

Eudocia looked from me to my daughter and gave the most horrible smirk I had ever seen before turning out of the room and into the streets.

“No! Please!” I cried. I wanted to hold her in my arms. My little girl. Phoenix I would name her if my evil sibling had not stolen her from me. 

“She is better off with us. Not you.” Before I could say anything to the high priest, he put a finger in my mouth that had what I could only imagine was blood on it. I gasped as visions of previous lives poured into my head. 

“I’ll see you in the next one. Next time I will have more control over you,” the bastard promised. 

The “priest” left with all his men for what I could only assume was out of this place. I laid there crying. There was still so much pain and what was left of the birth inside me. I did not care about any of it at this point. I looked over at Rogerius who came running to me.

“What did he do to you? Are you alright? Come on, we need to go get our daughter back!”

“No,” I said weakly. I knew that I no longer had the energy to do anything. We heard loud booms coming from the direction of the volcano. This was penance. I was still paying for the horrible things I had done. “You. You go Rori. You need to save our Phoenix. That is her name. She must know her true name. I cannot leave. We will meet again in the next life.” 

Rori cried holding me tightly but knew my words to be true. He had to protect our daughter. He ran out with nothing to his name and escaped. I laid on the table breathing heavily trying to get over the memories I was forced to have. Poseidon? Ares? Nionia? The third of which held no significance to this world. What was the next life going to bring me? I felt the heat consume me as the ashes fell into my home.

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Introducing: The “Villain” of the Inolla Chronicles

The curse of immortality is wearing heavily on my conscience. Not that I have one according to my brother. Thousands of millions of years pass and the boredom takes its toll while the generations of Inolla heiresses grow and die at my own hand. Secrets and lies seemed to come and go throughout this ungodly life. Heh…godly. Not that Shiconen has done anything great enough to earn the title. That tyrant does not deserve to be worshiped. A very long path of evil paved by good intentions. This is the thanks I get. Loving and losing intertwined with the curses left by he, the God of all worlds. 

Staring out into the dead land reminds me of how dark life is. Nothing but death surrounds Mikealon and myself. How many times had I lost my dear Celestia and daughter to the cruel fate of reincarnation? Too many. It is not fair. None of it is fair. The universe needs a new ruler. One that would alleviate the strife that plagues mankind. That is why I chose to fight and destroy as many worlds as possible. Once all worlds are one I can finally have my time. I will ascend and become the new god of all worlds if it’s the last thing I do.


I think this is one of the many character snippets and excerpts that I will post on this blog this year going forward. The character who is voicing these feelings and concerns is the character that I love the most. He is the kind of person that I would love to spend the rest of my life with. It may sound odd that I am in “love” with an original character of fiction but in no way am I living in a fantasy world.

I love creating this character and I really hope I can share more of this in the future.