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Malieko and Terianako

Part 2: The Curse

Centuries passed since Terianako and Malieko had become the King and Queen to rule over all Mortarai in Nionia. Since then, the Drakney race had fled to the Mountains of Dyr. Only the strong of heart have survived the treacherous terrain and were rewarded with becoming a Soconey. These individuals became the nobles of their kingdom. 

Many times, the King or Queen would fall in love with a noble Soconey or a mortal Mortarai. Each time, the love would die or betray them with greed for the throne. It became a very lonely existence. The servants were very kind, but only lived to serve them. The only real company they had was each other.

“Brother,” Teri was working on creating some Nionian spells. She enjoyed sharing the spells she crafted with fellow Soconey. “Have you ever thought about having a family? Becoming parents like all the other Mortarai out there.”

Malieko looked up from his book. “Of course I have, Teri. We both have tried and failed have we not?”

She flushed and nodded, setting her quill into the inkwell. “Yes, and I know that Shiconen had forbade us from committing incest. Though, despite his warnings, I have noticed that very strong Soconey children are born from siblings.”

Malieko frowned. He had heard the same from various sources. It was bad enough that spending all this time alone with her sister, for hundreds of years, had caused him to lust for her at times. There were many times in the past where they had almost kissed under the influence of strong wine. It was clear that Teri had been hiding the same instinctive need to procreate.

“That is true,” he nodded softly.

The two were silent. Teri got up, and walked into her bedroom. Malieko’s heart was racing before he stood up himself, following his twin. “Porlyga Fys, Shiconen.” These words, in the language of Nionian meant forgive me, Shiconen. 

Not long after the first night they spent together, Terianako fell pregnant. There was no word from Shiconen throughout the pregnancy, but his wrath came in the form of extreme sickness. Teri was bedridden the entire nine months and there were times where Malieko feared she would die. The only thing keeping her alive was her Drakney.

When the time came for their twin sons to be born, Malieko had to take the infants out of her womb because of how weak she was. They were identical twin boys, but they bore no Soconey markings on their chest. Instead, a small mark was on the inside of the younger boy’s right wrist.

“What is going on?” Malieko asked, holding the unmarked twin. “Are they not Soconey?”

It was then that Shiconen appeared, looking upon them both in scornful anger. “You have disobeyed one of my laws. Your twins will not die now, but the second born and his descendants will always be sickly. They will never have a Drakney of their own and if one is born for a descendant they will never connect with them directly. The eldest will live a normal Mortarai life. In addition, you two will be barren from this time forward. This is the consequence of committing incest. The name of Mortakeo will forever be cursed among the Mortarai race. Defy me again, and your punishment will be dire.” He did not let them question him before he disappeared.

Teri laid back in her bed, holding her frail second son to her breast. She kissed his small forehead as he began to cry weakly. “It is alright, Kalebek,” she said softly.

Malieko sat with the eldest sleeping in his arms. “We will protect them and our descendants,” he assured her softly. “Right Zekan?” 

The King and Queen loved their boys with all their hearts. It mattered not if they were to live a Mortarai and mortal life. They would always be protected. Malieko would never allow his bloodline to be harmed. He swore it to them in Nionian.