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Malieko and Terianako

This is the first in a three part story about the first King and Queen of the Mortarai chosen by Shiconen himself. It is a tragic tale of a pair of twins who were orphaned because of the discourse of the war the Mortarai had in search for Drakney.

Part 1- Orphaned Fate

In a time where the Mortarai were feuding and warring in a despairingly pursuit of power, a young pair of siblings were orphaned. They cared not for this war or the power from the Drakney. They just wanted to survive. The twins were exploring the sacred Lyonoko forest while the mischievous Piseney were constantly giggling and turning them around in circles. Eventually, Shiconen appeared before them.

“What is a pair of orphaned Mortarai doing in the Lyonoko Forest?” His voice was calm with a hint of rigidity.

Teri instinctively stood in front of Malieko as she was the elder twin. “We mean no harm, we just want a safe place to live. We want nothing to do with this stupid war. Our father went mad, leaving us behind.”

The Celesney (the Nionian term for celestial deity) nodded, “if you both are willing to follow and carry out all of my laws, I can bestow on both of you a Drakney that is connected to you. Your lives will be bound to them, making you immortal. You will be charged with bringing order and peace to the Mortarai race as special Soconey. You will have your own land on the other side of Nionia, as well as a Kingdom where you can rule over the Mortarai people. You can employ servants to wait on you as royalty. However, if you break any of my laws you will be punished. One in particular could result in dire circumstances.”

Malieko looked from his sister to Shiconen. “What are these laws?”

“There are many, but I will tell you two very important ones. The act of incest relations will result in a punishment that will carry onto any child born from this act as well as sterility to forbid both of you from having any more children. The second is the act that is the most forbidden, resulting in your life changing forever. If you were to kill another living Calney, Akuney, or even a Mortarai.”

The twins looked at each other, not exactly knowing what incest meant yet. However, they knew how bad killing was because of how many people had died in this war. They hated it, and would do anything to stop this pointless war.

“We will do it,” they said together. They were perfectly in sync most of the time as many twins were.

Shiconen nodded, clapping his hands together. They found themselves in a large, silver throne room with dark red banners. Standing before them were two very young Drakney. One was black while the other was pure white. Both of them had beautiful bright green eyes.

“This is Fyrak and Aerana. They are your matches. Once you make a connection, you will not only become Soconey but the very first King and Queen of the Mortarai race. You can bring this chaos into peace.”

Malieko stared at Fyrak after feeling a strange pull towards him. He walked forward with an outstretched hand towards the creature’s scaled claw. “Hello, I am Malieko. Can we make a pact?”

Yes. Let us be friends, Malieko! The young Drakney’s voice went into the boy’s mind as a glowing blue light was made around them. It made him feel so powerful. Terianako followed suit with Aerana, sealing the connections and allowing them to become King and Queen of what they would soon call the Kingdom of Maliteri. 

The same blue light expanded throughout the lands of Nionia. The Drakney are called away from the remaining Mortarai and the unsuspecting race are called to their new land to learn the new laws and live under their command. “In a few days, all the Mortarai will come into this Kingdom. They will live under your rule as King and Queen. They will forever follow your Royal leadership. Follow the rules exactly, and your reign will last forever.” The god left without another word. The twins walked to take their thrones and sat with their Drakney companions by their side.

“I hope that we can make Shiconen proud,” Teri said with a soft smile.

“So do I,” her brother nodded. Years and years passed. The children became adults and stopped aging after they turned 25. They brought peace to the Mortarai people for hundreds of years to come.