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The Soconey is the first of the Calney to be created, rather than born. Every Drakney in existence is born to match one Mortarai child. If one finds their match, they can become one as a Soconey.

The Soconey Mark

Once the connection is made, a mark will appear on the chest of both Mortarai and Drakney. The symbol looks like a curled staff with three claw marks coming out of one side. It is made of dark black and like a tattoo. However, if a Soconey is born the mark will become a deep brown and a birthmark. 

Limitations and Heritage

The Soconey gene is dominant when passed on to another generation. However, they have no connection to a Drakney and can be free from the bonds that restrict certain things. They can become much more powerful than a created Soconey because of this.

When the Mortarai finds their Drakney, they must only use magic connected to the element or elements the Drakney has naturally. Their life is tied to their Drakney. They are invincible on their own but if their match is killed their life will end.

Those who find their companion are called the first generation. If they have children with another Soconey either made or born, that child is a “pure” Soconey and is always seen in high regard. 


Like Elvaney, they know the truth language of Nionian by nature. This is because they need to always find the truth before any spell. Spells and rituals can be said in any language of Nionian, but those said in Nionian are the most potent. Soconey can easily pick up any language quickly if they witness someone speaking it long enough in their presence.

If they reach their centennial birthday, they are able to learn teleportation. If they master this skill, they can earn the privilege of traveling to different worlds.