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Since they are Shiconen’s “masterpiece,” I will start the individual Calney posts with the Elvaney. They are perfect beings, and are natural vegans as they cannot consume anything that comes from a living animal or person. If it were to happen, they could get sick, die, or become something much worse than death.

In fact, they are loved so much by Shiconen that they have a bit of Celesney blood in their veins

Mark of the Elvaney

Each Calney is born with, or receives special marks distinguishing themselves as such. Every Elvaney is born with theirs on their left outer thigh. The visualization of the mark is that of a birthmark as no Elvaney is able to be made outside of their elegant race. No other bloodline has ever crossed with theirs.

When the Mortarai began hunting Drakney to gain power, many Elvaney were caught in the crossfire. The Faeney offered to help enchant a forest that will protect the pure of intention. In the heart of the forest is where the Elvaney Kingdom was built.


Using their magic, they created homes from the roots and earth. Nothing was chopped down or made of deforestation. Their homes were as alive as they were. The great trees leant their branches and wood to build a grand castle. Lyonoko, the Elvaney who had led his people into the safety of the forest, became their king. Every male heir after him was given the name as well.

The forest gave them everything they needed to live as well as the companionship of the Unikney who had created them.

Daily Life and Culture

The Elvaney live the longest, naturally, out of all the original Calney races. A progressive race. They believe in equality from the beginning. Gender roles had no meaning amongst the youngest of citizens.

Girls could wear dresses or pants. They could learn to be a good and obedient wife, or train to be a knight. Boys, in turn, could be a knight, or learn things that are “normally” seen as women’s work.

Despite the rest of Nionia looking down on it, Elvaney embrace and accept any individual that loves another of the same biological sex or desires to live as the opposite gender. Even those who fluctuate gender are accepted.

Of all races, Elvaney is the only one Shiconen cares for to the point that he cannot curse them for lying with another race. He would only curse the other for tarnishing his precious creations.