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The Shiconian Universe

Celeskona is a plane of existence where the creators of many universes are born. Anyone with their blood cannot be killed or cursed by another Celesney as long as they are pure. Many decide to create universes parallel to others, giving their tenants the gift of free will to do what they wish. The jealous god, Shiconen, wanted control.

Before any religion was made to worship the gods of this world, Shiconen was the one to truly create everything we know and love. Earth was not the first to have intelligent life. Rather, it was what we call Jupiter. He created a solid sphere to act as his masterpiece world of Nionia.

After perfecting every ounce of land and water, he made creatures to inhabit the land.  Most of them were mundane animals, but others were magical. Of all his creations, Unikey was his favorite. So much so, that he put his own blood to mix with theirs. He gave them the ability to build their home in the great forest.

He chose the Unikney to create another race of human-like beings he called the Elvaney. When the prideful brutish species of Drakney grew jealous, Shiconen allowed them to make a boring race called the Mortarai. Many different creatures were made as time went on, and Shiconen was not a kind ruler.

He cursed many individuals and families that broke the rules. Eventually he turned to another planet that was ruled by dinosaurs. He forced an asteroid to kill them in order to place Mortarai who had gone against his will. He deemed them extreme criminals and stripped them of their knowledge and past of Nionia. They were soon renamed “humans.”

He called this new world Moranko, which remains its true name. He gave these humans one gift that they would never know. The power to create other worlds with the written world. Whether it be fiction, myth, or history, other worlds and astral planes were formed. He hid magic in certain places on Moranko after he began sending Calney from Nionia there as punishment. He eventually grew tired of ruling over this place and allowed his mischievous half brother Zehikari to rule over it in his stead.

Time passed, and other planets became hub worlds for other things. For example, the soon-to-be-famous Inolla family inhabit the planet of Venus, which is also called Inollia. The Mortakeo twins share a very small existence on Uranus, also called Twinnaka. Finally, Kalebeko, the evil one of the Mortakeo twins, raises the strongest among his army on Mars, also known as Kalebekaro.

As with Nionia, their true existence is protected by a strong magical barrier that will misdirect any who try to explore without permission or ability to teleport. Moranko is considered a prison world where those with Calney blood can be reborn over and over thanks to Zehikari. This is, of course, save for one soul.