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The Raja Naga (Part 1)

Alba the Soothsayer

Many centuries ago there was a young woman who fell upon a dark dungeon. She suffered from vivid nightmares that came to fruition far too many times to count. She lost her parents. She lost her own family. Even her own child. She entered this dark cave in hopes that no more tragedies would befall her and those she held dear.

Her feet took her farther and further into the everlasting darkness. The only thing to guide her was the rough, stone walls that led her. Eventually, she found a large room that had some sunlight shining through small holes in the ceiling. She squinted trying to allow her eyes to adjust to the light.

Who are you? Are you lost, soothsayer?” A voice sounded through the room in echo. It was hard for the young woman to tell where it had come from. There were hissing sounds that assisted the stranger’s words.

“Soothsayer?” she asked the voice. She had never heard of that word. “What does that word mean? Who are you? Where are you?”

The sound of something gliding along smooth stone approached her. She felt a bit of fear enter her as she felt a strong presence. Before she could say another word, a giant snake appeared before her. His scales were a beautiful shade of gold that complemented his crimson eyes. She gaped at the massive reptile with fear, awe, and intrigue. He was beautiful.

“You have never heard of the word Soothsayer, child? That is the name of your kind. Children cursed to have a tragic life,” the brilliant snake explained. “Those born of human blood but cursed with seeing terrible futures.”

“You, how could you know that I have seen things that came true?” she asked.

“Djinn can sense those children borne of our own kind and that of humanity. Do you know your mother and father? Has one of them absent from your life, always?” The girl gasped. She knew her mother, but her mother never spoke about her father. “Soothsayers are borne of Djinn and humans. That is why the bloodline is cursed. The children born from these beings are barren so the bloodline will end. The only way for their bloodline to live on is if their second parent is another Djinn. That has never been enacted. Come child, I can teach you how to control the visions you suffer from and use them to wield as your own. What is your name?”

“Alba,” she said with a relieved smile.

“They call me The Raja Naga. King of this cave and all its inhabitants. I have lived a very long time and shed many skins. If you wish it, I can give you the gift of a long life one day, Alba the Soothsayer.”

The Golden King led the hungry young girl to his home where he warmed her and gave her food. He treated her as his own daughter while training her in the ways of the Djinn. In time, their bond would become much more than that of mentor and student.