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Writer’s Block Recovery

Hey everyone. I know I promised to be more consistent, but writer’s block and the brain fog has been horrible. While I did want to write something with mystery, I wasn’t able to actually think of a good plot. Instead, I decided to turn an apocalyptic fantasy story I had in my head into my first novelette or novella series depending on how it goes.

Writer’s Block Again?

If I get writer’s block again, I plan on writing fanfiction to help me out. It keeps the writing juices flowing. Plus I found caffeine keeps me focused on writing. I will attempt at least once a month now so that I do not overdo myself with these blog posts. I will try to add some character profiles and other things to keep the story going on in my head and on the page.

The Kelwyn Bloodline

The story I want to write was originally based in the future with an entirely different kind of world. Instead, I decided to make a series starting with how everything ended up. Starting with who The Kelwyn bloodline originated from. Onyx and Lenora are best friends and consider themselves siblings.

They believe past lives are more of an extension of their own lives. Onyx had been considered an oracle in every life in some way. Though, the visions Onyx has never seem to get through to the public. This life is no different because once she sees an atomic bomb almost wipe out humanity, no one believes her until it’s too late.

Royal Vizier Diaries?

As for the Royal Vizier Diaries, I plan to work very hard on that so that I can go the traditional publishing route. I plan to self-publish The Kelwyn Bloodline on Kindle so that it is easier and cheaper to publish. This would also get my name out there as a published author. I hope that this new plan can be successful and will keep everyone updated.