Possibilities in Mystery

I love writing things that are not “normal” in today’s standards. That is my niche. When writing this mystery novel, I had trouble writing a story without some kind of mystical aspect. This is a possibility I’m not sure about using, because someone suggested I should get out of my niche. However, I want to be remembered for writing in the fantasy genre.

One Beginning

I was flying. The trees below me looked as if they were tiny circles from a child’s drawing. My body levitated higher until I reached a new plane of existence—the “Anglo Plano,” as I call it. Compared to the thoughts of what “Heaven” would look like, this place was so much different. It looked more like an elven city from one of the many fantasy novels I’ve read. The streets are chiseled with a perfect shade of pale blue. The homes are all the pure white shade. Every resident in this place walks as if they were floating,

“I see you are visiting again, Selina.” The soft voice that was neither male nor female came from behind me. It would have spooked me, but I was used to it by this point. I turned to find the beautiful Archangel Gabriel. My spiritual guide and friend. Because of my natural talent, I can come and go on this plane whenever I wish. 

“Yes, hello Gabriel,” I gave a forced smile. Something my guide always knew. 

“What’s wrong?” the angel asked, concerned. I averted my eyes from Gabriel’s. I felt as if they would scold me if I told the truth.

“Selina, you know you can tell me anything. Is this about boarding school?” 

I sighed almost dramatically. “Yes, I just don’t think I’m going to belong there. Yes, I still consider myself Catholic, but I have the kids are horrible. I barely made it out of grade school. I feel like because I have this natural gift, they think I’m the devil or a demon. If I’m a demon, then how can I travel to this realm of angels?”

Gabriel smiled and put a cool hand on my cheek. Our relationship was not romantic, yet not of friendship either. It was like he is my sibling. An older brother that looks after me and comforts me when times are tough. As an only child, it was the best thing I could ask for. 

“Selina, there is a reason you are being sent to this school. Yahweh has given you this gift of intuition and magic. Things that you will need in your four-year journey.” While not stating the exact reason for these words, I stared at them in disbelief. I needed to hide my power. Not use it. “I know that look as well. You think the same thing that your parents force upon you. This power of yours is a blessing. Not a curse. The whole idea of witches being evil is not true at all. Some use powers for good; some use them for evil. It’s not the ability to use magic that makes someone evil. It is how they use the magic that proves good or evil.”

Selina, the voice of my mother, she was calling to me. Selina, time to wake up. We’ve arrived.

“Looks like I need to go back,” I sighed. “I’ll come to visit again soon.” Gabriel gave me a soft hug before I counted back in my head from ten to one. Anglo Plano was fading. Gabriel’s face was fading. Through the sky and the trees until I woke up on the bus that was taking us to my destination. A place I would live in year-round until I graduate. Only a few times I could go home. 

My physical eyes woke from my astral projection suddenly. I breathed a little to catch my breath. Doing it in a place like this was risky because if I woke up suddenly, then my mind would not work correctly for days. Upon seeing the sun, I squinted. It was too bright from having my eyes closed that entire time. 

“Come on, we have to register you in,” my mom said. She was the one who wanted to send me to this place. She was afraid of the little things that happened around me. So she put me somewhere that she thought would “cure” me. 

St. Rita of Cascia High School. A well-funded Catholic boarding school. Only the affluent and snobbish Catholic families attend. A select few students can attend on a scholarship. It is a rare circumstance, and only in particular situations. I don’t follow what many teachings say, but I pretend to make my parents content and proud. I didn’t know what would happen in only a few short days.