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The Lost Prince

A Prince, how can that even be possible? I was raised by my poor mother and was left on the streets. Now that I have finally escaped, I find that I am the first son of the Queen to Anafka? A lost boy meant to embark on this journey. Alone. My friends were forced to retreat back to the Palace. Their prison. I was only spared because of my royal blood. Yet I am now exiled to travel the desert alone on this horse.

The only gift they allowed me to take on this long journey. Stolen bread and sacks of water. Just enough to get me to the next city. Just enough currency to get into a trade and live a more honest life. One day I will come back and reclaim the throne. I will be Sultan, and the first thing I will do is restore peace among the people. Give riches into the city and allow the thieves and beggars to work as they wanted and live a true life of their own. One day I will return. I must prove myself before that time comes.