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A Brother’s Lament: The Temple


This story along with the others in this small series of stories is purely fiction. It is not meant to go against anyone’s belief in the Gospel. This is my own personal belief in the form of fiction and the “supernatural” parts are more -so true to life than they are in the Bible. It is another telling of what happened in the view of the so-called “villain.” My personal belief is inspired by the lost gospels of Judas, Barnabus, Mary Magdeline, and the belief that Jesus was a prophet and not the son of the Hebrew/Christian God.

The Story

It was quiet now. He rarely lost his temper, but when he did it was terrifying. Despite all who follow him, my brother’s wrath could scare the strongest of wills. I walked through the rubble while the merchants scurried to gather every coin that was spilled to the sacred grounds of the temple. 

“The soldiers are suspicious as it is. Of all times to lose his temper.” The fisherman’s tasteless comment was not exactly wrong but also not appropriate. Things have been so tense lately. It did not help that my dreams were getting more and more vivid. Dreams that I only told my dear little brother about. 

“You do realize you have the worst temper of all of us, Peter,” I told the man with a bit of annoyance. He never liked me. He never liked how close I was to Yeshua. Even if I was his elder brother by marriage. He wanted to be the one who was second in command. He didn’t care how much a burden the title even meant. The things I know. 

On the outside, we allow the followers and apostles to believe that Yeshua is the one who has visions of the future. In truth, I am the one who suffers these endless visions. I cannot stand to see soldiers beating my brother and putting him to death. He and I are the only two who know what is going to happen by the end of this horrible week. He still insists on going through with it no matter how many times I beg him to have us leave Jerusalem. To avoid this ill fate. 

“You are the one who talks any sense to him. Go talk to your brother,” he walked up to a rich man who had just finished gathering his silver and kicked him back down. He would never show how horrible he still was in front of my brother. 

I frowned, deciding it was better off leaving him alone. I walked into the quiet temple to join my brother. He tended to pray in a place that was more secluded from the rest. It was a good place for us to speak quietly with each other. A place of peace. It was looked down upon by most of the Hebrews, but Yeshua and I had our own beliefs. As long as we kept to ourselves and spoke quietly and honestly there was no harm done. 

As I approached him, I could see him shaking softly. I knew this all too well. “Yeshua,” I said softly kneeling close to him. “It is not too late to leave.”

“No,” he sniffed. “Our people need a hero. Someone who will stand up to them but bring no violence towards them. Someone who will show that peace can be gained without violence.”

“We are showing it. You do not have to die for it to happen. I promised when you were born that I would always protect you. Please, what about Mary and your children? What about mother?”

“You know mother understands everything will happen for a reason. Your visions have always been proof of that.” He gave me a gentle smile and leaned next to me. It was always something he did when it was just us. I smiled as I held my brother close. I knew the idea of his suffering and death scared him. He was so stubborn that he refused to really admit it out loud. We stayed silent until the others came in ready to pray. We straightened up and joined in, even though the eyes of the rabbis were peering onto us… 

Something had to be done. My dreams showed the soldiers taking my brother from his teachings to our people and beating him. It was such a harsh way to be taken in. If he insisted on this prophecy to come to fruition… should I do something so his arrest would not be so harsh?

“Judas? Are you alright brother?” Yeshua asked. He could always tell when I was upset just like I could tell when he was. 

“Nothing, we can speak about it later.” I feigned a smile as we went back to our worship.